Significant Exhibitions

  • PIERRE PASCALET: Endorsed by Dominique Lapierre, writer-journalist.
  • GAUGIN ET DANIEL DE MONFRIET: Paintings from the Vollard Collection (2 acquisitions by the Louvre Museum).
  • BERNARD LORJOU: Original and creative Aubusson paintings and tapestries.
  • PEYNET: Aquatint painting and engravings on the Amoureux work from Peynet and zodiac signs.
  • BERNARD CLAVEL: Painter and writer, inks and original sketches using printing ink (sketches portraying his research and review on projects for future books).
  • JULIAN TAYLOR: Birth of a great artists, first exhibition at the age of 20. 
  • SALVATORE DALI: Original sculptures and aquatint engravings.
  • GEORGES BRIATA: Original works, 30 years of painting.
  • RENÉ BROCHARD: Original works from the artist’s private collection.

  • DENOËL: Original works, 40 years of painting.
  • PIERRE PIVET: Exhibition “Jeux de lumière”
    Galerie de l’Isle celebrates Pierre Pivet’s 20 years of painting in Montreal

  • NIKOLAS T: May 2005
  • KOLASINSKY: September 2005

Exhibition to come